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“Serie Cans” BHPE isobaric filler

The “SERIE CANS” isobaric filler is the first machine for the can bottling which ensure a high protection of the product from the oxidation through the whole production chain. Ranging from 6 to 4 valves, it represents the ideal solution for the bottling of carbonated products such as the beer fermented in autoclave or the bottled fermented beer.

The “SERIE CANS” BHPE isobaric filler is the most innovative machine produced by Alfatek and it has been designed to meet specific needs of carbonated and foamy products.
The innovation of isobaric machine by Alfatek lies in a new electronic valve which allows to sped up the filling times in order to decrease the oxygen in the product.
The filling consists of the following phases:

  • Pre-evacuation
  • Pressurization
  • Valve opening
  • Filling
  • Self-levelling
  • Gas evacuation

The aforementioned phases are managed by solenoid valves which are controlled by PLC.

Thanks to its innovative design and technology, our machine ensures a uniform and accurate filling, minimizing product waste. In addition, it offers a complete control of filling pressure and speed, ensuring accuracy for bottling.


  • Strengthened structure
  • Elimination of mechanical adjustments and valve times
  • Gas evacuation times parametrized by a Touch Screen
  • Lower format change over time
  • High versatility of the machine
  • Disinfection with CIP of cleaning



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