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Categoria: Liqueurs and Alcoholic drinks > Rinsing – Air blowing – Sterilizing machines

Rinsing-Air blowing-Sterilizing machines

Alfatek produces a wide range of rinsing, air blowing and sterilizing machines for the internal cleaning and sterilization of several types of PET, glass and metal bottles.

These machines are produced in models ranging from 6 to 60 pliers. They have been designed for a rapid and rational turnover thanks to the rack rapid turnover system which allows to employ long treatment times to achieve greater effectiveness in the cleaning phase.


  • Fixed nozzle which does not seep in the bottle neck
  • Rapid turnover of the bottle
  • Long treatment times
  • Easy disinfection and steaming possibility

The sterilization process is entrusted to Kit Alcol with possibility of recycling the alcoholic solution for the sterilization of bottle.
The plant is constituted by a tank for the proper reactivation of the sterilizing solution, by a high-pressure recycling pump for intaking the solution in the sterilization machine and by a housing of microfiltration.



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