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Dynamic weight filler “Perfecta” series

The PERFECTA ELETTRONICA filler is the most modern and innovative system for bottling liquid or high viscosity products for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Suitable to all products for which precise filling weight, flexibility, easy and fast washing and sanitizing are key. Its technology features MASS flow meters, which allow the so-called dynamic weight, thanks to their main features:

  • high filling precision
  • no moving parts and therefore no maintenance needed

Riempitrice con tecnologia Dynamic Weight “serie Perfecta”


  • Mechanical framework made of 304 stainless steels with parts in direct contact with the product made of 304/L stainless steel;
  • Product tank in the machine replaced by a simple collector, which allows to use a very small quantity of product inside the filler;
  • The pressure to feed the product allows to avoid any contamination from air or other atmospheric agents;
  • The bottle is filled from outside
  • Changing the bottle size is extremely easy and fast as there is no need to use any gripping system to hold the bottle;
  • Tank for collecting and recirculating the washing solution



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