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Categoria: Oil > Deox® and Antiox® system

DEOX® and ANTIOX® system

Alfatek designed and patented the DEOX SYSTEM for the treatment of the bottle before filling it, with the aim to preserve the quality of the product in the bottle.

During the filling phase, the pre-evacuation (single or double) of air from the bottle is carried out through a high-vacuum pump. The bottle will be later saturated with inert gas.
This process prevents scents, flavors and dissolved gasses in the treated products from being dissolved and it prevents from the oxidation caused by the entering of oxygen as well.


  • Multiple head turret for an efficient treatment of pre-evacuation
  • Minimum absorption of oxygen during the filling phase ensured
  • Possibility to carry out a double treatment
  • Easy disinfection
  • Low maintenance



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