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Categoria: Wine > Monoblock (all in one place)

Bottling monoblock


The bottling Monoblock produced by Alfatek Bottling Plants is the last innovative technology for filling. Thanks to its innovative design and characteristics, it offers an unprecedented efficiency and a flawless precision. Fully designed and produced in the Alfatek plants, the Monoblock combines several phases of the bottling system within a high automized machine, ensuring a no-stop production flow and a higher productivity. This advanced system merges the internal cleaning phase of bottle, the filling and the corking all in one place, reducing the cycle time and optimizing the use of resources.
One of the main advantages of the bottling Monoblock by Alfatek is the flexibility as it is suitable for different dimension and shape of bottles, allowing a versatile production for a wide range of products. It is possible to carry out speed changes of the bottle size in order to reduce the inactivity times and to ensure a higher productive efficiency as the machine comes with speed adjustment systems and customizable settings.
The change of the bottle size is implemented through the setting of universal screw pump and radial engine.
Precision and reliability are the main features of the bottling Monoblock by Alfatek.
The Alfatek bottling Monoblock is characterized by a robust and solid structure and it is made of high-quality materials and an advanced technology. The machine manages all the bottling process phases in an efficiently and precise way, minimizing the possibility of mistakes and optimizing production times thanks to several control systems.



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