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BLP hyperbaric filler

The BLP (BEER LOW PRESSURE) “Elvira series” filler machine is the innovative Hyperbaric filler operating through a Light Pressure patented by Alfatek. Ranging from 6 to 90 valves, it is used for the bottling of smooth or lightly carbonated products such as the bottled fermented beer, for which the traditional bottling systems (operating through either depression or fall) prove either inadequate or limited.

The hyperbaric filler produced by Alfatek is characterized by a low pressure of inert gas within the tank to ensure the highest quality during the filling process; it prevents the loss of scents and flavors of alcohol and the loss of volatile elements of the finished product. It represents a higher technological alternative to the vacuum-sealed traditional systems.

The self-levelling filling valves produced by Alfatek represent the most innovative feature of the “low pressure” Hyperbaric filler and they allow the achievement of precise and constant levels, without any need to create vacuum in the filling tank:

  • Thanks to pipes evacuating air from the bottle (these pipes are placed outside the valves), it is possible to bring the air from the bottle to the upper part of the filling tank and then out by positive pressure, thus avoiding microbiological pollution and the contact between oxygen and the product.
  • The filling valves can optionally provide various automated setting levels, thus allowing the simultaneous level variation in all the valves from the switchboard (0÷80 mm), or with programming through PLC
  • The filling level is reached directly in the valve employing the concept of “communicating vessels”. It consists of an innovative system patented by Alfatek.



  • Strengthened structure
  • Ring-shaped filling tank with hermetic seal produced on the machine
  • Low pressure of inert gas in the produced tank
  • Full preservation of scents, flavors, alcohol and volatile elements of the finished product
  • Preservation of the product from oxygen to avoid oxidizing reactions



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