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Alfatek Used Machinery

In the modern era, the importance of adopting sustainable practices has become crucial in addressing the environmental challenges our planet is facing. In this light, the principles of “REUSE-RECYCLE-REDUCE” have become fundamental in guiding business and individual decisions toward a more sustainable future. ALFATEK has embraced these principles and integrated them into its corporate policy, demonstrating a real commitment to environmental protection.

In this regard, the machines produced by ALFATEK play a key role. Designing and manufacturing of machines that stand the test of time, not only contributes to the reduction of resource consumption in the long term but also to the promotion of the “REUSE” principle.

Proposing second-hand solutions is a brave step toward “REUSE”, “REDUCE” and “RECYCLE.” This approach not only offers new life to pre-existing machines and equipment, but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing the overall amount of waste and resource. The key to success in this area lies in the ability to ensure the performance of second-hand solutions at the highest possible level, reflecting our continuing commitment to excellence and quality.

The combination of strong and durable machines, responsible manufacturing capabilities and second-hand solutions aligns the company with today’s environmental challenges and helps shape a more sustainable future for all.


Alfatek is committed to generating a positive impact. That’s why solar energy is harnessing to revolutionize the building operations of our filling plants.

In 2022 we inaugurated the new solar panel plant; 300 kw of Solar Panels ensure a conspicuous supply of renewable energy for our operations.


Thanks to the advanced technologies adopted and intelligent energy management, we can use up to 85% of the energy generated directly for our production processes, so to significantly reduce dependence on external power sources.

By minimizing our carbon footprint, we actively participate in the global fight against climate change, ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations.

Nowadays, sustainability is the key to a better tomorrow. Let’s build a sustainable future together!