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ALFATEK BOTTLING PLANTS is an Italian company focused on the planning and production of bottling systems.
ALFATEK is one of the most qualified firms in its sector and it is proud to boast a broad expertise, a specialized know-how and a high technological potential. These is reflected in its wide range of innovative products which have consolidated the presence of the company on the national and the foreign markets. Looking constantly for the highest quality and innovative solutions, ALFATEK is the benchmark of bottling field, contributing significantly to the growth and the forthcoming industrial evolution.


The company was set in 1993 thanks to the entrepreneurial insight of the current President, the oenologist Mario Guastalli who, driven by the passion and the enthusiasm, has drown on his decades of experience both in technical and commercial field.

Nowadays the management is entrusted to Massimiliano e Michela, respectively Mario Guastalli’s son and daughter, who run the company and cooperate with a team of skilled employers.


The company is made up of two adjacent plants spread over an area of 15.000 square meters, whose 5.000 are covered. In the main plant there are the head office, the sale, administrative and technical offices, the logistical section with automated storages and the area for the construction of machines on assembly islands.
The second plant is entirely bound for the production, which involve the stocking of raw materials in automated storages, as well as the manufacturing of semifinished products and pieces with modern automated machines.
The rational disposition of operating areas, along with the wide spaces for manufacturing, transferring and stocking, ensures an adequate management of productive processes which respect the standards of quality provided for every operating phase.

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In every specific aspect, the company’s activity results from the professional expertise and the strong motivation of the human resources, adequately supported by modern and sophisticated technological tools: CAD-CAM design and programming systems, integrated with a specific software for the management of the whole productive cycle, including quality control and compliance with project standards.
Meticulous optimization of operating procedures allows all phases, the design and production ones, to be carried out in the plant, with considerable advantages in terms of product quality and reliability, as well as cost control and containment.