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The new solar panel plant for ALFATEK

“Here it is our newest project: 300 kW solar panel system embraces sustainability with ALFATEK!” Welcome our latest green project: the 300-kW solar panel system at the ALFATEK plant! With an incredible 85% self-consumption rate, we are making huge strides toward a greener future for our manufacturing operations. Nowadays, sustainability is the key to a better tomorrow. ALFATEK is committed to making a positive impact. That’s why we are harnessing the power of solar energy to revolutionize our bottling operations. Let’s build a sustainable future together!
  • 300 kW power generation: our innovative solar panels boast a remarkable 300 kW capacity, ensuring a substantial supply of renewable energy for our operations.
  • 85% self-consumption: thanks to advanced technology and smart energy management, we can use up to 85% of the energy generated directly for our bottling processes, so to significantly reducing dependence on external energy sources.
  • Economic benefits: the significant reduction in electricity costs will lead to long-term financial benefits, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in further sustainability initiatives.
  • Environmental impact: by minimizing our carbon footprint, we actively participate in the global fight against climate change, ensuring a cleaner environment for generations to come.
  • Innovative technology: our solar panel system incorporates the latest technological advances, ensuring optimal energy capture and utilization, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy integration: the system integrates perfectly with our existing infrastructure, making the transition to renewable energy smooth and hassle-free.
  • We firmly believe that this new solar panel system will play a key role in transforming ALFATEK‘s bottling plants into a beacon of sustainability and innovation in the industry. We embrace together the renewable energy, working toward a brighter, greener future.
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